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Silent Witness SW010 HD Dashboard Camera In vehicle safety witness camera  HD Dash cam CUMBRIA
Silent Witness SW010 HD Dashboard Camera In vehicle safety witness camera  HD Dash cam CUMBRIA
Silent Witness SW010 HD Dashboard Camera In vehicle safety witness camera  HD Dash cam CUMBRIA
In vehicle safety witness camera - HD Dash cam
£249.00 *Fitted
£207.50 Ex. VAT
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What is a Digital Video Recorder?
A Digital video recorder is a device which records inside or outside the vehicle whilst you are driving.

Why use a Digital Video Recorder?
• It records whilst you are driving, capturing video,map logging and speed 
• Helps protect you from false insurance claims,
• Driving Schools like to record senorios for their pupils
• Protection for Fleet and Hire vans

Can you tell me more about the DVR?

  • Front facing HD (High Definition) DVR & crash cam with built in display.
  • Powered windscreen mount, with quick release for the camera unit.
  • Constant recording; records the whole journey
  • G-sensor collision crash file; storing a small file that records a 20 second audio and video recording of 10 seconds before and after the incident.
  • Video footage provides date, time and GPS location stamps (Can also record audio).
  • Micro SD Card slot (8GB card with USB reader included, will take up to 32GB card).
  • Software to view google journey map and driving statistics (route, speedetc).
  • HDMI & AV output to view recordings (cables included).
  • Powered by a cigarette socket charger or USB charger.
  • Can be professionally installed to hide wiring and to auto on/off with the ignition.
  • Compatible with both 12v & 24v vehicles.

Video Resolution - The unit records in Full HD - 1080p - 720p.
Digital Camera - The unit can take Jpeg photos in 12m - 8m - 5m - 3m.
Webcam - The unit when connected to the pc can be used as a webcam.
TV Out - The unit has a HDMI port, so it can be plugged direct into a tv. (HDMI lead Included)
G Sensor - The G sensor activates when the vehicle has been involved in a accident, and saves the data in a event folder,to help find the video quickly.
Time & Date - The time and date is stamped in the video for evidence of time at location.
Driver Stamp - This function helps if you have a fleet of vehicle 1-9, the video cards can be stamped with a number, so numbers can be allocated to a certain vehicle.
Loop setting -  Loop setting is the amount of time the video records before making a new file,   1, 3 or 5 minute video files can be used. When the card is full the unit will write over the oldest file first
Power off screen - the screen can be set to switch off after 1,3 or 5 minutes so that is does not distract the driver.
VOID Stickers -  In the box you will get 3 serial VOID stickers, these can be used if you have employee drivers and want to ensure that the memory card hasn't been tampered with.

What is the software for?

In the box you will receive a free micro SD card and USB card reader along with a software installation disc (Software can also be download using the software at the bottom of this page).

With the software you can:

Special software was developed for you to analyse the data from the Silent Witness, allowing you to visually see the …

Video of the journey made: The Silent Witness can be tailored to capture video in 1 minute, 3 minute or 5 minute sections, to break down your footage in to bit size pieces to easily segregate certain times or places that you wish to look at.

Google map route of the journey: The Silent Witness gives you a route map of your journey and follows the video footage, allowing easy pinpointing of exact locations throughout the journey.

Time / Date / GPS stamped: The Silent Witness stamps the video footage and the file with all the necessary information that you will need to narrow down exact moments or positions through your journey.

Speed during the journey: The Silent Witness continually monitors your speed and turning G-force throughout the whole journey, showing you vital speed indication via a digital speedometer. Analysing this can show you how the driver was in control of the vehicle. Too fast, too slow, parked, speeding round bends, etc.

G-Shock footage: If in the unfortunate event of a collision, the Silent Witness records a secondary piece of footage of 20secs long specifically around the time of the collision, 10sec before and 10sec after. This gives the insurance companies irrefutable evidence of the collision.

This software can be run on any PC operating Windows XP and above.

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