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CATLOC CAT1009 CATLOC 1009 Catalytic Converter Protection System Ford Transit Euro 4 CUMBRIA
CATLOC 1009 Catalytic Converter Protection System Ford Transit Euro 4
£179.00 *Fitted
£149.17 Ex. VAT
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CATLOC CAT1009 Catalytic Converter Theft Protection System.


  • Vehicle Specific Application for Ford Transit Euro 4
  • Designed to protect against your Catalytic Converter being stolen. 
  • According to statistics from the Police; Catalytic Converter Thefts have more than doubled in the past 3 years with around 25,000 incidents being reported.
  • The most at risk vehicles are Vans, Light Commercial Vehicles, 4x4s, Pickup Trucks, People Carriers and Motorhomes.
  • CATLOC products are manufactured using Marine Grade Stainless Steel, utilise high security fixings and are designed to be effective in mitigating against Catalytic Converter Theft. 
  • All CATLOC systems include the CATLOC Protection ISR marking and registration system which is also available separately to mark the DPF or exhaust system components as required.
  • Approved and sold by many OEMs; CATLOC products protect over 40,000 vehicles per year.
  • With the price of a replacement Catalytic Converter costing upto £3,000 for some vehicles, how can you afford not to protect yours?


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